Sheet Music Downloads

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Here is a selection of sheet music that I use in my lessons. I try to keep the things that you need to buy to a minimum, so I use music that is available online for free as often as possible. Most of these things come from New things are frequently being added, so check back from time to time.



100 Folk songs from all nations

Boosey Tenor Songs

Boosey Bass Songs

Schirmer Contralto Songs vol 1

Schirmer Contralto Songs vol 2

Schirmer Bass Songs Vol. 3


Methods and Exercises:

Vaccai High Soprano

Vaccai Soprano & Tenor

Vaccai Alto & Baritone



Schirmer Anthology of American Song



Spicker French Anthology High

Spicker French Anthology Low



50 Schubert Songs (Low Voice)

50 Schumann songs (High Voice)

50 Schumann songs (Low Voice)



Arie Antiche vol 1

Arie Antiche vol 2

Arie Antiche vol 3

Fuchs Bel Canto

Arie di Stile Antico vol 1 & 2

Arie di Stile Antico vol 3