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Here you can find information about my work as a performer and a voice teacher.

Voice teaching is a difficult and rewarding job. Unfortunately, many people with limited experience decide that having a “good voice”  or participating in a few choirs is enough training to qualify them as voice teachers. Because they offer affordable lessons, they can often get students, but they lack the knowledge to really help those students develop a healthy singing voice.

I have a master’s degree from Indiana University (the top opera school in the country) and am in the process of finishing my doctorate. I also perform regularly as a soloist in operas and other productions. I have the training and qualifications to be a quality voice teacher, but I’m interested in offering a more affordable solution for students looking to study with me. That’s why I’m currently recruiting students to participate in group voice lessons.

Group voice lessons offer many advantages over private lessons, including the chance to learn from colleagues, the chance to explore additional repertoire like duets and trios, and they are more affordable than traditional lessons. I also teach more traditional one-on-one lessons if that’s something that appeals to you more. Feel free to look around at the Voice Lesson Information page for pricing and other information. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.